DAT Group Joint Stock Company is the leading product provider and solution developer in the Vietnamese market in the field of inverters - automation, elevator control, power storage & UPS and solar power.

DAT always focuses on developing human resources, investing in research to create quality product systems, smart solutions and “More Luxurious Than American And Better Than Germany” services in order to: “Satisfy your expectations”.



2020 - now

Conquer the peak

Exceeded the milestone of 9,500 solar power systems with a total capacity of nearly 560MW.

600,000 products sold and 10,000 customers nationwide.

INVT Global Sales Champion.

2018 - 2019


Set up a branch in Hanoi.

Reached the milestone of 450,000 products sold and 6,000 customers nationwide.

2016 - 2017

Market leader

Become a best-selling provider of inverter in the Vietnam market

Develop electric power solutions (iSVG, UPS).

2014 - 2015

Inner strength affirmation

Become the most excellent Asian distributor of INVT Group

Release 150.000th INVT inverter onto the market

Expand branches in Can Tho province

2012 - 2013

Capacity enhancement

Become exclusive parner of INVT in Viet Nam
Establish a service center of INVT
Solution development solar engery
Phát triển giải pháp điều khiển thang máy

Solution development elevator controls

2010 - 2011

The milestone of 10,000 VFDs

Build new 1000-square-meter headquarter

Release 10.000th INVT inverter onto the market

2008 - 2009

Team development

Build Research & Development Team

Develop automation and energy saving solutions

2006 - 2007

The first brick

Establish DAT Technology Co., Ltd

Become a distributor of INVT Group

Vision & Mission


Consistent with the strategy of investment, cooperation and sustainable development, DAT strives to become a leading technology company with scale and prestige in Vietnam in the field of Automation, Elevator controls, UPS, Solar power & ESS.


DAT acts with the motto “Satisfy your expectations”.
DAT always focuses on investing in developing human resources, investing in research to create efficient, intelligent and high-class product, solution and service systems.
DAT strives to make things simple and easy for others, colleagues, customers and partners every day.

Business Philosophy

Believing in Cause and Effect, DAT always acts according to the motto: Share and give useful value to all customers, partners, community and society.
DAT attaches great importance to the interests of employees, customers, domestic and international partners.
Customer satisfaction and employee happiness are the measure of DAT’s success.

Core Values

Commitment - Sharing - Devotion - Creativeness


DAT commits itself to bring quality products, efficient solutions and advantageous services to all the customers. For the partners, DAT undertakes to keep its prestige and mutually beneficial cooperation. For the employees, DAT pledges to guarantee the best justice.


All operations by DAT are implemented based on the philosophy “Sharing & Giving”. DAT will be the place of sharing and giving the useful values.


DAT’s human resource team has always worked with their sincerity and conscientiousness. We take the trouble to make everything simple, easy and efficient for the others.


DAT has continuously researched to create products, solutions and services efficient, useful, intelligent and high-class.


Brand Name Is
Dat Technical Company Limited

The company name is DAT Group Joint Stock Company, DAT in short. DAT is the meaning of the first letters of the three words:
  • Drives

  • Automation

  • Technology

The brand name represents DAT’s business, providing efficient solutions, high-tech. In which, Drives-Automation is a solid foundation developing with two areas of Elevator Control and Solar Power.

Brand Icon

The brand logo consists of a circle and a round dot placed concentrically inside the letter D (Drives).

Drives is an electric motor controller – automation, which is a solid foundation for the development of the two fields of Elevator Control and Solar Power.

The small dot in the center of the circle:

– Showing solidarity, synergy and the same goal that all DATTERS are aiming to.

– The round dot is also the symbol of the sun, representing the field of Solar Power of DAT.

The rotating ring inside the circle represents the speed adjustment and continuous movement. The rotation has an upward trend, representing DAT’s constant creativity and aspiration for prosperous development.

The white shape around the dot forms a symbol of person with open hands ready to share and cooperate.

Closed circles with no end point show aspiration of eternal development of DAT. In particular, the lower top of the orange rotation expands towards the human symbol, affirming that all activities of DAT are aimed at creating many values that benefit employees, customers and partners.


DAT builds its brand on the model of the Devoted. This means that, we are committed to serving customers with a “heart” of enthusiasm and a high sense of responsibility.

We act sincerely and always make creative efforts to bring the best value to customers and society.