DAT Company Trip 2016: Together We Win

Over 3 days, from April 15th to 17th, 2016, DAT Company organized a trip to explore and relax with the message “Together We Win” at Del Sol Resort (Phan Thiet) for all company employees.

The annual vacation is one of the special policies of the company to reward the hard work of all DAT employees. It’s a time for members to rest, recharge, and an opportunity for everyone from different departments to meet, exchange, and strengthen colleague relationships.

Fun Departure

On the morning of April 15, 2016, 60 employees gathered at various locations to start the journey. At 7 a.m., two Mai Vang travel company buses took the group to Mekong Long Thanh restaurant for the first breakfast.

After breakfast, the journey continued with fun games on the bus. Members participated in riddles, group singing to receive lucky prizes during the trip.

At the second stop, the DAT team enjoyed lunch at Phuong Ha restaurant. Ending the first lunch was the moment Del Sol resort opened its doors to the group with many exciting programs in Phan Thiet.

At noon, the group arrived at Del Sol resort. Members had free time to rest and took photos for check-in at this luxurious and ideal resort.

Vibrant Campfire Night

Before the campfire night, everyone took a group photo in front of Del Sol resort. At 6 p.m., the bus took the group to Ngoc Suong – Mui Ne restaurant for dinner. In the cool and calm atmosphere, members relaxed and “refreshed” after working hours.

After a gentle dinner, the bus took everyone back to prepare for the lively campfire night at Del Sol beach.

The program started with exciting games to connect all members. Participating in games, everyone spun an amusing wheel, sang with teammates, enjoying the joy and laughter.

The most impressive was the lighting of the campfire by DAT members. Under the humorous guidance of the hosts, everyone stood in a circle, anticipating the brightness of the fire. In the exciting atmosphere, Director Tieu Van Dat lit the torch, officially opening the campfire night amid applause and cheers.

In addition to team-building activities, everyone enjoyed various barbecues prepared by DAT chefs. Members sat together, singing cheerful songs by the guitar, forming a lively and unique group band.

Team Building Activities

This was one of the most enthusiastic and attractive activities that attracted the attention of all members. With the spirit of “playing wholeheartedly”, three teams fiercely and thrillingly competed.

Team 1: Beauty
Team 2: Cute Dogs
Team 3: 18+

Through lively competitions, the teams demonstrated agility, creativity, cleverness, and unity to overcome all challenges, breaking through for success. It can be said that this activity recorded the most unforgettable and excellent moments for each DAT member during the trip.

Let’s review the impressive images of the team-building activities together:

Everyone continued the team-building activities at 3:30 p.m. on the same day, the three teams entered the obstacle course to search for the meaningful message of the program. The core values of DAT in the past 10 years were quickly completed by the teams.

Gala Dinner – Together We Will Win!

To summarize the achievements during the journey, a lively Gala Dinner was organized at Del Sol resort. All members enjoyed rich seafood, participated in fun games, and satisfied with colorful performances by talented DAT members.

In addition to exciting competitions, the most surprising thing announced at the end of the program was the awarding of additional prizes, team awards, and finding the luckiest 3 members of the program. In this year’s journey, with the ‘enthusiastic’ spirit, Team 3 (Team 18+) was the outstanding team that won the highest position of the program:

First Prize: Team 3 (18+)
Second Prize: Team 1 (Beauty)
Third Prize: Team 2 (Cute Dogs)

The 2016 DAT company vacation with the message “Together We Win” has come to an end with unforgettable memories for each member. Thanks to all of you who have been wonderful companions, contributing to the success of each journey of the DAT family over the past 10 years. Surely, after this journey, we will find the enthusiasm, freshness in ourselves, and the colleagues around us, ready to break through for success on the next journey.

Company trip 2016 – Together We Win! Together, we have succeeded!


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