DAT Group TechTalk 2024: Updating more valuable content for students

On March 15, 2024, the seminar “DAT Group TechTalk 2024” was successfully held at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT). Compared to 2023, the program has been updated with more new content aimed at bringing even more value to automation engineering students.

DAT Group TechTalk is a seminar series that supports the establishment of a solid knowledge and skills foundation for automation engineering students to be ready to meet the challenges of an ever-shifting world, and to successfully develop their careers in the future.

Overview of DAT Group TechTalk 2024

Taking a fresh and intuitive approach, the “DAT Group TechTalk 2024” seminar series not only helps students grasp in-depth knowledge but also shares experiences in project implementation and how to deal with real-life situations from the DAT Group and Siemens expert teams. Additionally, the program provides students with opportunities for internships and work in a professional automation environment.

With engaging content, the recent “DAT Group TechTalk 2024” seminar attracted over 300 students from HCMUT to participate.

A large number of students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) attended the “DAT Group TechTalk 2024” seminar

This year, the program has been updated by DAT Group to include additional content on drive technology solutions and artificial intelligence in industry, as follows:

Part 1: A Siemens expert presents the topic of industrial edge computing – one of the prominent technologies that brings significant value to businesses in the digital age.

Part 2: A DAT Group expert shares the process of applying drive technology solutions to industry to improve operational control, respond faster, and increase flexibility in the production process. In this part, students observe the operation of demo units simulating prominent drive solutions that DAT Group and Siemens have successfully applied in many major projects.

A DAT Group expert shared the process of applying drive technology solutions to industry

Part 3: A Siemens expert continues to present a topic that is currently highly regarded, which is artificial intelligence in industry. With many benefits such as increased efficiency, cost reduction, and the creation of more innovative and intelligent solutions, artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on the global industry.

A Siemens expert presented prominent technologies that bring value to businesses in the digital age

Part 4: Understanding the concerns of students about job opportunities after graduation, DAT Group provides criteria that employers are looking for in candidates in the automation industry, while also providing opportunities for students to intern in a professional environment under the guidance of experienced engineering teams.

The atmosphere of the seminar is always heated with a mix of expert presentations and interactive sessions, where students are free to interact and participate in mini-games to receive attractive gifts from DAT Group.

Students are excited about the content conveyed in the program

Regarding the role of the seminar, Mr. Ba Ngoan Dang – Deputy Head of the Business Relations Department, HCMUT stated: “With the content designed specifically for third and fourth-year students majoring in Automation, Industrial Electricity, and Electronics, the seminar organized by DAT Group will bring value to all three parties. Firstly, students can quickly access their dream jobs after graduation. Secondly, the university achieves its goal of training high-quality human resources to meet societal needs. Thirdly, DAT Group finds it easier to find personnel with appropriate skills and knowledge, providing strong support for the company’s development.”

Representatives from HCMUT and DAT Group receiving flowers and gifts to celebrate the successful event

Over the past 18 years, DAT Group has achieved significant milestones, becoming a leading provider of equipment and development solutions in the Vietnamese market in the fields of industrial automation and renewable energy. The group currently owns a value ecosystem, serving over 2 million customers in various industries. DAT Group is always ready to accompany universities in providing a development path closely aligned with practical needs for automation engineering students.

For any cooperation needs, please contact the Hotline at 1800 6567 (toll-free).


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