DAT Group is the 2nd most favored employer in the electrical industry

At the “Employer of Choice 2023” award ceremony, DAT Group once again asserted its leading position in the Vietnamese market in the fields of industrial automation and renewable energy by being named the 2nd most favored employer in the electrical industry.


This award, organized by CareerViet in collaboration with Amco Vietnam Market Research Company, aims to ensure the transparency and reliability of the award. The survey process started on November 28, 2023, and ended with online voting on January 9, 2024, with the participation of over 300 companies from various industries.

The survey attracted over 62.000 interests from people of different ages and professions across the country, with nearly 40.000 surveys conducted on criteria such as talent attraction and retention policies, alignment with the labor market, corporate social responsibility, working environment, employee care, and personnel development.

According to CareerViet, in the general difficulties of the market, the “Human” factor is always the key element to enhance the competitive capacity of businesses. Therefore, the award-winning companies are those that focus not only on business aspects but also on developing and building an attractive employer brand, attracting a lot of attention and votes not only from internal personnel but especially from attracting labor sources and potential candidates in the market towards the employer brand of the company.


The award for the most favored employer is evidence of the trust and high evaluation of candidates regarding DAT Group’s working environment, as well as the quality of the recruitment and personnel management process. With a series of events and activities vigorously implemented in 2023 to convey the image of a reputable employer, DAT Group will continue to uphold and expand further in 2024 to enhance the quality of human resources, aiming for sustainable development.

“The desire to create an excellent working environment for all DATers, the main goal in the company’s human resources management is to Increase value (employees) and Improve efficiency (organization) to boost sales and increase customer experience. DAT Group always welcomes and creates development opportunities for creative, fast-paced, dedicated individuals who think for others, and the spirit of discipline cannot be ignored as DAT Group is promoting a disciplinary culture to conquer new heights,” said Mrs. Phuong Hanh Tran, Human Resources Director of DAT Group.


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