DAT Birthday: 11 Years of Breakthroughs Leading the Way

The 11th birthday marks a significant milestone, signifying a transformational journey with ambitious strides for DAT, promising to script many new success stories.

On the evening of March 14, 2017, at DAT Technical Company, DAT members celebrated the 11th birthday with a vibrant, intimate, and emotionally complete atmosphere.

The birthday celebration took place in a close-knit atmosphere filled with emotions

The theme of the program, “Leading Together,” is an inspiring message during the celebration of DAT’s new age.

Every member is ignited with the “fire” of passion and enthusiasm to shine brighter in their work, determined to collectively strive, progress strongly, and securely maintain the leading position on the next journey.

11 years full of pride

The emotions from the early days of bonding with DAT remain intact in the hearts of the seasoned members.

Seasoned members share their feelings about DAT after a long period of association

What do you think of DAT’s 11 years?

Sharing a common sentiment, all members, when asked, express, “Yes! We are very proud!” These members have experienced countless ups and downs with the company, cherishing the moments shared with colleagues and working together to fulfill a shared dream of becoming the leading inverter supplier in Vietnam.

1 year… 2 years… 5 years… 10 years…

And today, 11 years… With passion for creative solutions, sincerity, and dedicated customer service, DAT has become the leading inverter supplier in the Vietnamese market.

Mr. Tieu Van Dat shares about DAT’s 11-year journey.

Recapping the 11-year journey, what has DAT achieved?

From the initial three members, DAT has grown to more than 70 members and continues to grow.
From a few small retail customers, DAT has expanded to over 5,000 customers with 150,000 products supplied to the market.

DAT has become the leading inverter supplier in the Vietnamese market.

Regarding DAT’s strategy and direction in the coming years, Mr. Tieu Van Dat, the Director of DAT Company, shares: “We are committed to an investment strategy, cooperation, and sustainable development. DAT strives to become a leading, reputable technology company in Vietnam in the fields of inverter technology, automation, elevator control, energy efficiency, and solar energy.” 11 years “Leading Together”!

Welcoming a new age, welcoming new challenges for the leaders.

DAT cannot be proud forever without effort; it is challenging to maintain a leading position without breakthroughs.

More than ever, right now, we need to “Lead Together” – take strong steps together, conquer new territories, create new values to “satisfy expectations” of customers by committing to do better than what we have done before.

In 2017, with the youthfulness and enthusiasm in the workforce, with a clear and determined business strategy, DAT confidently overcomes the challenges ahead to become the leader.

The 11th birthday is one of DAT’s very special birthdays, marking a more ambitious, dynamic step forward, promising to script many new success stories.

See more images from the 11th birthday celebration at DAT:

Mr. Le Quoc Anh – Deputy Director of DAT congratulating the company on its birthday
The DAT team singing a lively birthday song for DAT’s 11th birthday
Mr. Tieu Van Thoi presenting a gift to congratulate DAT on its new age

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