Year-end celebration for the year 2013, welcoming the Lunar New Year of the Horse in 2014

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Horse 2014, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to all our valued customers, dear colleagues, and the entire team of DAT company for a New Year filled with Health, Happiness, Success, and Prosperity.

As another spring approaches, bringing with it the cool breeze of the year’s end, last night, on January 22, 2014, DAT Technology Company Limited organized an intimate and warm year-end party in the DAT company hall, attended by our business partners, engineers, close friends, and the entire DAT team.

Mr. Tieu Van Dat, the director of the company, gave a speech to open the party:

“Dear esteemed guests,

Respected directors and representatives of our business partners, dear friends of DAT company.
On behalf of DAT company, I sincerely thank you for taking the precious time to join us in the intimate year-end party at DAT company today.

I express my gratitude to our customers, distributors, and businesses who have trusted in cooperating and using DAT and INVT products and services over the past period.

DAT company was established in 2006, with the continuous efforts of the entire DAT company staff. In 2013, DAT officially signed an exclusive distribution agreement with INVT in Vietnam.

INVT is a manufacturer and supplier of inverters, automation equipment, and renewable energy devices. All INVT products are designed and manufactured to high-quality standards according to the TUV standards of Germany.

DAT company, with the motto “Satisfying your expectations,” operates on the principle of karma, managing with the highest level of fairness. Alongside our team of young, dynamic, and passionate engineers, business professionals, and managers, in 2013, DAT maximized the support of INVT regarding high-quality products, competitive prices, and flexible trade policies to provide the best advantage for partners and customers in Vietnam. Up to now, INVT products and DAT services have been widely used across the entire territory of Vietnam. According to the summary at INVT Shenzhen, China, in December 2013, DAT achieved the highest sales volume among distributors in the Asia-Pacific region.

I appreciate the management of departments and the entire staff of DAT company for their dedicated and innovative work that brought more value to customers in 2013.

In 2014, DAT will continue to strengthen its distribution channel system and customer care centers nationwide. We will expand our range of versatile inverters, advanced Goodrive inverters, especially the GD35 series with various motor control options, and series for specialized applications, medium-voltage inverters, explosion-proof inverters, and automatic devices such as PLC, HMI, AC Servos, and initiate in the renewable energy sector, such as UPS, Solar inverters, and solar pumps. DAT is committed to providing high-quality products, professional services at a particularly competitive price to satisfy our customers’ expectations.

Once again, I sincerely thank our customers, distributors, and businesses for their trust in cooperating and using INVT products and DAT services. DAT hopes for continued long-term cooperation and is committed to serving our partners in the best way.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Horse 2014, I wish all our customers, dear colleagues, and the entire DAT team a New Year full of Health, Happiness, Success, and Prosperity.

Finally, I wish you all an enjoyable cultural exchange evening!”

Following that, Mr. Tran Bao Quoc, the head of the sales department, expressed sincere gratitude to the company’s management and customers:

“Respected Management of DAT Technology Company Limited, and all our esteemed customers present at today’s year-end party, on behalf of all DAT employees, I extend wishes for good health to the DAT company’s management and all customers. Wishing you all a Successful and Achieving New Year.

On behalf of my DAT colleagues, I sincerely thank the DAT company’s leadership for creating a professional working environment and providing good policies for us to work comfortably and devote ourselves to our work.

2013 was a challenging and difficult year, but under the guidance of the company’s leadership and with the relentless enthusiasm and determination of all DAT employees, we overcame all difficulties, resulting in a successful and beautiful year. All of us at DAT constantly strive to learn, improve professional knowledge to contribute to the company and our valued customers. In particular, the sales department always establishes a strong connection between customers and the company, viewing customers as an indispensable part of the business process. With the idea of ensuring the greatest benefit for customers when using DAT’s products, we always listen to feedback from customers to refine our service methods for the most effective results. However, during the process of serving our customers, there will undoubtedly be many shortcomings, and we sincerely welcome feedback from all customers. In 2014, we will try even harder to leave the best impressions on our customers, and one day, when there is a need for inverters, our customers will immediately think of our products.

Once again, I extend sincere thanks to the company’s management and our valued customers.

Wishing you all an enjoyable party!”

Next, Mr. Trong, the director of Dai Phuong Hoang Mechanical Engineering Company Limited, representing all customers, shared a few words with the company.

“Respected Management of the company, respected customers, present at today’s party, I feel very happy. I would like to share a few words with DAT Technology Company Limited and our valued customers. Truly, when I first needed to use inverters, I hesitated and considered many options. I always sought a product line with competitive prices and good quality. And I have used many different products to compare quality and prices, but I was not truly satisfied until I came across the INVT inverter product, which I tried. At first, I was very worried about the quality of the product and the warranty policy. However, after a long period of use, I am very satisfied not only with the product’s quality and price but also with DAT’s wholehearted customer service. I am confident that I will continue to use INVT inverter products. I also want to express my sincere thanks to the company’s management and the DAT staff who have been wholeheartedly dedicated to us. I wish DAT a prosperous and fortunate New Year.”

Applause echoed, laughter mingled with the melodies of spring songs, making the atmosphere warmer, more joyful, and the party officially began.

The year-end party ended at 11:30 p.m. Everyone left happily with memorable gifts. Once again, I sincerely thank all our valued guests for attending the party.

Wishing you all a traditional and happy Tet season. May the New Year be filled with all your desires coming true.


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