DAT Company trip 2017: LEADING TOGETHER!

All DAT employees had an unforgettable time in the coastal city of Phan Rang during a recreational trip organized by the company under the theme “Leading Together”.

From April 5 to April 8, 2017, DAT arranged an excursion for all employees at the Saigon – Ninh Chu Resort (Phan Rang City, Ninh Thuan Province) with the message “Leading Together”.

The annual recreational trip is a policy that DAT provides for all employees as a token of appreciation for their efforts and dedication in their work.

This activity was not only an opportunity for the DAT community to socialize, strengthen the camaraderie among colleagues but also a time for each member to rest, rejuvenate, explore new experiences, and create memorable moments alongside their DAT teammates.

The program with the theme “Leading Together” conveyed a strong inspirational message, providing motivation to uplift the spirit of each member. Consequently, every individual gained more pride, determination to overcome any obstacles, and confidence to stride forward with their DAT teammates to maintain the leading position.

Recap of the moments in the journey, let’s look at the travel diary of DAT Leading Together 2017:

Challenging Departure

On April 5, 2017, we embarked on the recreational tour with all DAT members.

At 22:00, heavy rain poured down from Saigon and continued throughout the journey to Ninh Chu. However, the rain did not deter us.

Exploring Exciting Experiences at Vinh Hy

At 6:30 on April 6, 2017, the Phan Rang land welcomed us with sunshine and a gentle breeze.

At 7:00, while preparing breakfast at Nha Moi restaurant, the rain began to subside, promising a cool day for the upcoming experiences.

After breakfast, the members moved to Vinh Hy.

At Vinh Hy Bay, members immersed themselves in nature, swam in the sea, admired the coral reefs, and enjoyed seafood in one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam.

Vibrant and Warm Campfire Night

That night, we lit small fires and collectively protected the flames to reach the goal successfully, contributing to the creation of a large fire of passion and belief.

Members protected the bright flame and quickly reached the goal
Around the campfire, everyone sang together and participated in fun games.

Team building – Leading Together

On April 7, 2017, the day of team building, all four teams set off with a spirit of determined competition.

The Ants Team used the power of unity to win
The Hunter Team utilized quickness, focus, and accuracy to secure victory
The Steel Warriors Team used strength and an overwhelming spirit to dominate the other three teams
The Lone Sisters Team aspired to always be undefeated and be champions throughout the race

With the spirit of Leading Together, all members demonstrated the confidence and courage of “leaders”, giving their all, taking responsibility in every activity, and continuously striving for 100% victory in challenges.

Visiting the ‘King of Grapes’ Ba Moi Ninh Thuan

In the afternoon of the same day, we visited the grape garden, one of the famous specialties of Ninh Thuan.

Here, members not only took souvenir photos, enjoyed fresh grapes and grape syrup but also heard interesting stories about the cultivation and development of grapes in the driest climate in Vietnam.

The visit to Ba Moi grape garden left unforgettable impressions in the hearts of each DAT member. Before leaving, DAT guests also did not forget to buy fresh grapes, grape wine, grape syrup, etc., as meaningful gifts for family and loved ones.

Gala dinner – A Night Full of Emotions

The gala dinner opened with the surprising performance “Superheroes” by DAT staff and management.

After the opening performance was a suspenseful game show that also posed challenges for DAT employees.

Continuing the program were competitive performances by the four teams.

After the intense competitions, the Steel Warriors, with their formidable lineup, strategic intelligence, physical dominance in the team-building part, and lively performance in the artistic segment, excellently won the highest award of the competition.

The remaining awards for the teams were as follows:

Unlucky in the team-building sections, but with investment in performance quality, performance costumes, and gathering all members on stage in the performance “Homeland of Three Regions”, the Hunter Team deservedly received the second prize of the competition.

Although finishing third, the Lone Sisters team left many beautiful impressions as a team always vibrant, determined, and dedicated in every race.

Applause to the Ants Team, though small, with unity and incredible efforts, they received the encouragement award from the program.

The three-day and three-night trip with various emotional levels is preserved in the memories and hearts of each DAT member. A journey surely has obstacles and fatigue…

But after all, the most wonderful thing is that we have overcome challenges together, achieved victory together. When facing challenges together, every obstacle becomes a driving force, victory becomes sweeter, and belief grows through empathy and sharing.

Closing the Saigon – Ninh Chu journey, the DAT team gained fresh energy, full of vitality, and strong belief to step firmly on the next paths. We are all ready to overcome hardships, surpass all obstacles to win and maintain our leading position.

We are DAT! We believe in ourselves, we believe in our teammates, and TOGETHER WE LEAD!

Thank you DAT, thank you to all members who together created a truly wonderful journey!
Ho Chi Minh City, April 2017


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